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Level 1

A nice, easy going ride. Not too long or challenging with normal road conditions.

  • 100 miles max
  • Usually a rest stop>
  • Daylight hours ONLY
  • No expressway/toll roads

Level 2

Some moderate challenges and/or conditions.

  • 200 miles max
  • Rest stops at 50-70 miles
  • May include night rides, all day, some more challenging roads
  • Possibly some expressway/toll roads

Level 3

These are the most challenging types of rides with several, different conditions

  • Over 200 miles
  • Rest stops at 70-100 miles
  • Many types of road conditions (and a different mix for each ride)
    • Early departure, late home return (i.e. 7:30am – 7pm)
    • Challenging roads and conditions
    • Highway, tollway, twisties, back roads, dirt roads, steep graded roads, etc


Chicago Indian Motorcycle Riders Group is a local chapter of the National Indian Motorcycle Riders Group (IMRG) sponsored by Indian Motorcycle of Libertyville. There are no specific residence requirements, although Chicago IMRG roughly encompasses the area of Chicago-North and fans out to include those who reside near the Wisconsin border and the Northwest suburbs. Due to our wide geographic area, we also support a diverse membership group – including a variety of lifestyles, genders and personalities, we are diverse in age and countries of origin, we encompass a wide range of experience and riding styles – all these are integral to who we are as a motorcycle riders group. We strive to be a drama-free group, without political, religious or other divisions. Within this diversity is formed a sense of family and a network of support to our fellow riders and the larger motorcycle community. We ride a variety of motorcycles yet have a special place in our heart for our Indian brand.

Friends and family are welcome to join us as guests at all our events, as riders or passengers, spending time with us for 3 events of a riding season before deciding if IMRG membership is for you.

Do you want to ride with us?


We are the Indian Riders Group of Chicago, Chapter #2022 in Libertyville, IL.

Indian Motorcycle of Libertyville

416 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Libertyville, IL 60048

tel: 847.984.2542

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